Girl Put That Box Down! Hair Coloring At Home

Should I color my hair at home?

The short answer is NO don’t do it. Put the box down and step away from the bathroom counter go directly  to the phone and make an appointment with your stylist.  The long answer includes a probably not except under certain circumstances. So first let’s tackle the giant platinum blonde, perfectly highlighted, gorgeous ombre elephant in the room! Neither Gwen Stefani nor my personal favorite Beyonce achieve that color from that box they are selling you on the TV. See also Eva Longoria, Tina Fey, Sarah Jessica Parker and all the beautifully coiffed ladies in those ads! That’s not to say they don’t get their color done by a stylist for that company but rest assured it doesn’t come out of that box. Most of the companies that you see advertise box color have a professional line that is used by stylists. If color from those companies is used at all it comes from that pro line, and is applied by a talented stylist oh and it would cost a pretty penny too! Let me drive that point home especially hard in regards to Gwen Stefani no one gets that amazing platinum out of a box they put on themselves. So if you want what Gwen has holla at your stylist girl cuz unless you have some major skills it’s probably not happening.

That brings me to my very first “certain circumstance”

Some people have a real knack when it comes to hair-color and can actually produce amazing results from a box. If you are that person go on ahead with your bad self and do that. This post is clearly not for you and maybe you should consider a career in the hair world.

My second circumstance has to do with money. I totally understand that when money is tight hair ranks pretty low on the list of must haves.  In that case my suggestion is to stick to simple things. Don’t try to go platinum if your dark brown, and don’t ever, ever EVER do jet black box color. If your a brunette who loves being a brunette then you’ll probably be good (sometimes repeated color from the box can turn hair green so be aware) If you’ve been doing your hair for a long time then cool. If you want something dramatic and different just bite the bullet and got to the salon. Corrective color is massively expensive and if you have to have it done you and your wallet will be kicking you in the butt all the way home!!

A few situations when you should absolutely not do your own color

  1. You’ve never done your own hair and you have zero experience with it
  2. You want to go from black to very blonde
  3. You want to go from blonde to black
  4. You want something much, much different than what you currently have
  5. You want highlights or low-lights
  6. You have a super important event to attend in a day or 2 like a wedding especially your wedding

A couple things to consider if you must color your own hair DON’T use box black color. I can’t tell you the number of times clients have walked in with black box color on their heads almost in tears. If you do use it and then go to the salon be prepared to pay for the service and pay dearly. It’s a serious process and will probably take a couple hours at minimum depending on hair length to correct. Keep it simple and if you are blonde stay away from anything with the word ash in the name. Ash=green and unless green is what you are going for you will probably be a bit upset, and a snickers ain’t gonna fix anything!

The real deal is you aren’t so much paying for the color in the tube or bottle.  There are some trash professional color lines out there and licensed stylists are using them. What you are paying for is the expertise of the person applying the color. That’s what they went to school for and why they go to continuing education classes.  You are also paying for their expertise in picking the color or colors that suit you best and the ability to know exactly where to apply them. Also it’s just hard to see the back of your head and get all those hidden spots and stuff am I right? Another point I feel needs addressing is hair damage when it comes to color. Anything that is called permanent color is going to damage your hair no matter what the commercial tells you no amount of avocado oil is going to change that. Taking hair from one extreme to another means your hair will sustain some damage. How much depends on what exactly you are doing and who is doing it. The odds are if you do some homework and pick  the right stylist you can keep damage at a minimum. If you decide to do it at home that damage may be greater. Talk to your stylist about things you can do at home to help your hair after you get it colored. They should have some recommendations on shampoo, conditioner and treatments that will be good for you. On that note most salons will only guarantee their work if you use professional products. Color especially red,will fade or turn brassy or ashy if you use certain products. Yes they want to sell product but it’s also in their best interest to make sure you use great products that way you will love your hair, and come back.

On another note there are bad stylists out there so you should do your homework and make sure to pick the one for you. My next post in the salon series will talk about my ideas for picking the stylist and salon for you.

Happy hair-coloring!!

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