Looking For A Salon? Let Me Help

In my last Salon Series post I talked about not coloring your hair at home. In this post I will give you some tips to find the perfect salon and stylist so you don’t have to!


The first thing you need to consider is what kind of salon are you looking for? Does the esthetic of the salon matter to you? Do you care if it’s cute, has a theme, is in a certain part of town?  Do you want a one stop shop? A salon that does nails, waxing massage or tanning? These may not seem like things to consider when you are just after a haircut every 6 weeks but they are. The look of the salon often gives a clue about the environment.  When you are sitting down in that chair the environment will become very important very quickly if it sucks!  An uncomfortable salon setting can quickly sour you on an amazing stylist.  Take the environment seriously up front so there is no regrets about it on the back end.

Once you’ve decided that ask friends where they go. It should go without saying that you need to approach friends who you think  have great hair because obviously they have a good stylist, but also consider their personality.  Someone who is like you will be more likely to frequent a place you would also want to go to. Another thing to consider when asking a friend for a recommendation is what their hair is like. What do I mean by that? Well if you have very curly hair or you are black/African-American and your friend is none of those than tread lightly. When I was in cosmetology school we spent very little time on curly hair in general and even less time on black hair. We learned how to apply relaxers/perms, and used a hot come once that was it! The odds are  your average stylist may not be super qualified to work on all hair types.  I’m probably preaching to the choir but I felt I needed to add that in.  You can go online to search for a salon and use things like yelp to help you out. Most salons have some sort of website and a Facebook page at least. Check those and other social media sites like pinterest and instagram out.You can get a real sense of the salon from those things. Once you find a place you think you want to try see if they are offering a special. Most salons run specials every once in a while and often have a new client price.

If you are planning on getting anything done besides a simple haircut,look into getting a consultation first.  Most salons will offer a free consultation where you can go in and discuss the cut or color before anything is actually done. When you go for this consultation bring  pictures. Everyone communicates differently,so don’t assume you are on the same page as the stylist Find as many pictures of the cut and or color as you can  so that they can see exactly what you want.There are lots of brunettes but a picture of Halle  from the 2001 Oscars is definitive and puts everyone on the same page. During your consult ask questions and make sure to really listen. The stylist may tell you that what you want is not achievable at that point you can either decide they know what they are talking about or try another salon. If you like what you hear and see then YAY you may have found your salon. You can always book an appointment and get something non-permanent done. I suggest going in for a deep condition, a mani or pedi and just feel out the salon. Do you like the place, is the atmosphere good for you, is it clean, is the staff friendly, how do you feel while you are there? Most important of all do you feel comfortable letting one of the stylists do your hair?  If all is good then go for it and book your appointment  and get that great hair on. If you don’t like what’s going on or it just isn’t your vibe then oh well you may have wasted a few bucks but at least you knew before you really went for it.


Above all else you need to do your research and find the salon for you! Yes you want great hair, skin and nails but you need to consider comfort and environment too.  Don’t be afraid to try a couple places out before you settle on the perfect place for you.

Happy salon shopping!

This is my first post in NaBloPoMo  where I’ve committed to writing a post everyday so, well see how that goes

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