The Creative Corner

I come from a long line of crafty, creative people. My great-grandmother Lydia was a potter, painter, cake baker/ decorator, photographer you name it she did it and she was goo at it! My other great-grandmother was a quilter and seamstress. Together they passed that creative gene down to my mother and she gave it to me,my sister and my niece. I can’t remember a time when my mother didn’t have a sewing machine in front of her or a crochet needle in her hand. I’m pretty sure I’ve had more hand-sewn, homemade clothes than store-bought ones in my lifetime. That’s something I love now, but didn’t always love as a kid. If I saw something I wanted at the store as a kid,my mom would always say she could just make it for me for way less. She even made us homemade cabbage patch dolls! Not always so cool when you’re a kid, but something I can’t imagine living without now. My mom tried to teach me and my sister to sew but it never really clicked for me. My sister is finally as an adult trying to get into sewing, but her craftiness comes out in hair, paper-crafts, and scrap-booking. I did a ton of different things as a kid from canvas crafts, soap, candles finally landing on jewelry.  I also try to do some crocheting but it’s an off an on kind of thing and, I’m not that good at it.  Now when I see some jewelry I like I just go home and make my own version of it! Thanks mom!!

Below are a few examples 0f my jewelry.

2014-11-04 20.00.57 2014-11-04 20.08.11 2014-11-04 20.10.29 2014-11-04 20.46.50 2014-11-04 20.55.07 2014-11-04 20.55.48

Up until recently I’ve made this jewelry for me and my family, I never intended to sell it.  If I do end up setting up shop I’ll need to work on my finishing’s and sizing. I just kind of make it as I go and however long it is,I just go with it.



That is just a really small sampling of some of the individual thing’s I’ve made. Clearly I i need to work on my photography skills!

Here is my entire jewelry set up so you can clearly see I might have a problem. I would estimate that at least 80% of that is stuff I’ve made myself, I haven’t mastered the art of ring making yet but it’s on the list. This isn’t even all of it my mom has a ton of earring’s I’ve made and my sister has her fair share too.

2014-10-20 23.45.59 - Copy 2014-10-20 23.46.58 - Copy2014-10-20 23.46.32 2014-10-20 23.46.50

So I’ve set up this creative corner to talk about my jewelry and the paper crafts I’m starting to get my hands into and, any other crafty creative type stuff I decided try out.

Thanks for stopping by the corner.


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